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Welcome to

OSHO Meditation & Music Retreat

at a spiritually super-charged place!

* Bollywood musicians live in concert​

* Meditation & chanting sessions

* Sight-seeing of sacred places

* Guided by Swami Shrila Prem Paras

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11 - 14 December 2023

Are you interested in Meditation and Spirituality?

- We all carry emotional baggage and are sometimes unaware of it.

- We sense that life could be more than this; somehow, we are not living OUR lives but somebody else's.

- We have reached some point in our spiritual growth, but we want to go beyond the ever-talking mind!

- You may have done OSHO meditations before or are new to meditation and feel that spirituality or OSHO attracts you.


Well, Jabalpur is one of the best places for a spiritual Retreat in India! It is where Osho has become enlightened, and many Masters have meditated.


This is not just a feel-good holiday but a spiritual awakening retreat. Swami Shrila Prem Paras is a pure medium of OSHO, and his love and experience have given thousands of people the keys to unlock their journey inward.


Once you experience this, you wonder why you didn't do this before!

So act now, find your "torch" in this retreat, and light your way!

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Emotional pain makes us take wrong decisions which finally lead us to live somebody else's life, but definitely not OURS.

Everybody's being is pure and blissful.

In this emotional healing retreat we free ourselves from misery and learn to get in tune with our soul. In this way the right people will gather around us, the right opportunities will come and existence will provide us everything we need (financially, spiritually; in every dimension..)

Sunset Buddha Statue


Who is OSHO?

Osho defies categorization. His thousands of talks cover all areas of life, the ancient timeless wisdoms and today's social and political issues,

Osho has said that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being.


Osho has said that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being. He often characterizes this new human being as “Zorba the Buddha” – capable both of enjoying the earthy pleasures of a Zorba the Greek and the silent serenity of a Gautama the Buddha. 

His unique OSHO Meditations are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind that make meditation so difficult for modern busy people. He then uses his speaking as a way of letting go of our self-limiting belief systems, at the same time offering the opportunity to experience silence through the art of listening.

Sound is a beautiful vehicle to convey silence. Only a musician who has experienced the inner silence can share his experience with others.


Swami Shrila Prem Paras grew up in Jabalpur where Osho studied, worked, and became enlightened.

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​OSHO Meditation & Music Retreat provides radical healing and transformation

It will give you the keys to a blissful life in your own hands instead of remaining dependent on somebody else. This is not only a spiritual retreat in India but also a treat for spiritual music lovers: Bollywood artists will play live in concert. Very much in OSHO's vision of Zorba the Buddha this is a luxury meditation retreat that opens the space for emotional healing.

OSHO's Enlightenment tree, the high vibrations of the holy river and the tantric temples can be best brought to you by the pure medium Swami Shrila Prem Paras. This gives you an unfiltered experience of OSHO's enlightenment, of the ancient meditation techniques that have been practiced in this region since thousands of years. Jabalpur is the land where many saints have meditated: Before OSHO, Meher Baba and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Kabir and Guru Nanak, and Gouraknath Baba.

This is what our guests say about us:

Gunjan, Amsterdam



Welcome to your OSHO Retreat in India at OSHO Home Ashram! OSHO Home Ashram is a Meditation center with top facilities that lies at the banks of the holy river Ma Narmada.

Enjoy your airconditioned Double Room with attached golden bathroom

or get the community experience in our european-style carpentered dormitory with 2 attached bathrooms.

Relax at the pool after your meditation and refresh in the lush garden with the fragrances of Jasmine and other flowers.

Log out from your digital life - if you need Wifi there is a designated outdoor lounge for it.

Go for a walk and visit Dhuadhar Waterfall and meditate at the holy river Ma Narmada.


Dive deep into yourself during the meditations at our totally white geodesic Meditation dome - the first of it's kind in India.

"Everybody has a unique fingerprint. How could we give everybody the same meditation technique? There is a unique meditation technique for every individual which takes him to his soul."                  - Swami Shrila Prem Paras
Your friend & guide on the journey:
Swami Shrila Prem Paras
Spiritual master & musician (guitar & voice)


Swami Shrila Prem Paras conducted Switzerland's biggest Meditation events until he followed OSHO's calling to build up the OSHO Home Ashram at the banks of Ma Narmada in Jabalpur.


His over 20 years of Teaching experience and his original profession as a music producer make him the ideal host for this Retreat. Swami Prem Paras was born and brought up near OSHO's university in Jabalpur. he has been blessed by OSHO directly.

He is said to hold the keys to OSHO's meditative and transformational energy. Since 2013, he has conducted free worldwide online meditation sessions through Skype and Facebook Live. Kundalini Awakening, Opening of the Heart Chakra, and many more spiritual experiences happen to his meditators effortlessly.


His loving, direct, and fresh style has received much love in his concerts and Retreats worldwide. His powerful voice creates frequencies that hit your Chakras and allow negativity to be transformed into love and light. Meditation happens effortlessly in his presence, and a space of no mind opens up.  


Swami Shrila Prem Paras and his Swiss-Indian family welcome you open-heartedly to the OSHO Meditation & Music Retreat!

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 a treat for every OSHO lover and a blessed place for a spiritual Retreat in India.


Thanks to all masters who have meditated here, meditation happens effortlessly, and anybody looking for a deep inner transformation will be fully satisfied. Bhedaghat, at the outskirts of Jabalpur, where OSHO Home Ashram is situated is a UNESCO World heritage site and an undiscovered spiritual jewel.


OSHO, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Meher Baba, Kabir, Guru Nanak (Sikhism), Gouraknath Baba have meditated here. Definitely an ideal place for a Meditation Retreat in India! OSHO says about this region at the banks of the holy river Ma Narmada, "In the moonlight, the marble rocks are the most beautiful place in the world."

Join us for 4 unforgettable days of ecstatic music and transformational meditation!


Your day will start before the entire existence awakes with silent sitting at 3:30 AM, followed by Om Namah Shivay Chanting at the temple of 64 goddesses. You feel the protection and blessings of all 64 goddesses. At the same time, you stretch your body with Swami Shrila Prem Paras' spontaneously created Asanas.

A rich Indian breakfast awaits you with fresh fruit, juices, Chai, coffee, and herbal tea.

We planned this Retreat for you to give you the maximum opportunities for transformation.

After breakfast, you will get space to release your hidden tears, anger, and laughter in 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation' - this is our signature meditation that takes you back to the innocence of your childhood through the power of your own voice.


After a delicious indian lunch, your favorite OSHO  meditations will take place in the afternoon.


On a boat ride on the holy river Narmada, you will  experience the beauty of the marble cliffs. When Swami Shrila Prem Paras starts his guided meditation along with his guitar tunes, you enter a stage of no-mind and timelessness..

The highlight of the Retreat is the live concert with Bollywood artists! 


geodesic Buddha hall Osho Home Ashram
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These are the places you will visit during OSHO Meditation & Music Retreat:

Allow your mind to melt away in the joyful ecstatic energy of Jabalpur!

- You will visit the tree under which OSHO became enlightened and experience the fragrance of enlightenment.

- The temple of 64 goddesses. It is said that one of the goddesses is devoted to your protection and guidance. Can you find which one is YOUR goddess?

- The holy river Ma Narmada & Dhuadhar Waterfall

- You will see the university where OSHO has taught in his rebellious style. Sharing the anecdotes of young OSHO, Swamiji will take you back in time and give you a practical experience through his guided meditations on the spot.

- OSHO's wooden armchair is still in the library, where he has read thousands of books. You will even get to meditate in the room where he lived and from where he started bringing his spiritual work to the whole world.

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More Testimonials

"The music goes through all parts of your body and it feels like a cleansing. 3 or even 4 hours passed so fast, incredible – you lose the sense of time.
At this time I was not very happy. My relationsship felt apart and I was still not accepting the fact my partner and me will have to go separate ways.
The music consoled me. Even though I doubted that things like this can be true I wanted to experience more.
I felt very depressed the next day and may be body was aching everywhere. But at the same time I knew something good is going on in my body. I just had to let go and trust. So I visited a workshop with Swamiji the 5th of January 2014. Again it was a very nice day with music and immense happiness. At the evening I felt sadness and I was horribly tired – pain all over my body. Next day again I felt miserable.
But then a few days later, suddenly I felt a lightness in my mind and body like I probably felt the last time as I was a child...My heart was opening and my face had no choice than smiling. First time I did not feel as victim – now I started to enjoy..

I felt open, I got trust in life, that I meet the right persons, that my yoga classes will grow, that I got more work in marketing and it just happened...
I just returned back from another two days workshop and what I experienced there is hardly to describe in words. Nice people, nice energy and a lot of meetings with new meditation techniques. We practized various meditation types and in some of them I felt and saw my soul."

Sandra, Interlaken

Marlene, New York

OSHO Meditation & Music Retreat includes:


- 3 nights of accommodation at OSHO Home Ashram in either

   a Double Room with an attached bathroom or

   a dormitory with 2 attached bathrooms

- Full board

- Swimming pool access

- Live music & chanting with Swami Shrila Prem Paras

- A complete transformational schedule that includes meditation, bodywork, dance, chanting & sound therapy,


- Sight-seeing of OSHO's important place in Jabalpur


- Sight-seeing of spiritually significant places such as the Waterfall Dhuadhar and the marble rocks of the holy river Ma Narmada. If the weather allows, a boat ride on Narmada with a guided meditation by Swami Prem Paras


Notice that consuming cigarettes, alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited during the retreat.


430 USD
330 USD
Anchor Payment
कृपया विशेष दरों के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Got questions?

What you need

- Check your Visa requirements . Visit the Website of the indian embassy near you to find out. India offers e-Visa to many nationalities, check your eligibility here: Evisa can be availed online within 4 days. - Open heart and mind - Prior experience in meditation is ok, but not required :) - Swim suit - Sandals, Flipflops, Crocks or similar footwear - During the Retreat we will be wearing maroon robes for the meditations during the day and white robes for the evening meditation. This helps to create a collective energy field for meditation. If you dont have these robes, you can purchase them at OSHO Home at a very reasonable rate. Notice: It is strictly prohibited to consume cigarettes, alcohol or drugs during the Retreat and at Osho Home Ashram.

Good to know:

Weather: The average temperature in December is 26 degrees, and the weather is dry. This is a very pleasant weather. Dont forget to pack your swimsuit and a sweater for in the evening time.


Can I extend my stay at OSHO Home Ashram? Of course you are welcome to extend or arrive earlier, please send us a message so we can reserve your room for an extracharge. I would love to travel a bit more in India after the Retreat, can you help me with that? Send us a a mail or Whatsapp us to share your ideas. Sometimes its good to talk together on a call so we can share our suggestions with you. Our Whatsapp number: +41789203212 and +41764058508

Other important information:

It is strictly prohibited to consume cigarettes, alcohol or drugs during the Retreat and at Osho Home Ashram.

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